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Hello! My name is

Dera Okeke

Frontend-focused software engineer and technical writer building accessible web products with great user experiences. I enjoy teaching concepts and documenting developer guides.

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About Me

Hi there, I'm Dera! 👋🏽

I am a Software Developer specializing in frontend technologies, and skilled at building accessible and interactive web experiences and visualizations.


My goal as a Frontend Developer is to bring ideas to life by developing unique user-facing features that enhance the overall user experience. I possess outstanding knowledge of the latest industry standards, allowing me to deliver fast and reliable applications while optimizing performance.


I am constantly learning and working to become a better version of myself. Adept at technical writing, I have authored multiple articles on frontend practices and data visualization; and recently released a Firebase course on Educative, Inc. I love teaching concepts and writing API documentation, tutorials, and how-to guides.

Some personal projects

DheraGram project preview


A fully-functional, realtime chat application.


Basecoin project preview


A semi-extensive clone of the Coinbase website.


Visualization Playground project preview

Visualization Playground

A pet-project that visualizes data in a variety of ways.


NewsFeed project preview


A simple news aggregator application that fetches news from various sources.

ReactStyled componentsJavascript

Markdown Previewer project preview

Markdown Previewer

A lightweight markdown previewer application that converts markdown to HTML.


Loruki project preview


A simple, lightweight website built with HTML and CSS.


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